USB Over Network




Reach USB devices on your local network


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Today in age it is normal to have USB connected devices and memory cards on your computer, and although some like a memory stick have great portability, others like external hard drives can be a real pain to lug around your home.

USB Over Network is a program that will allow you to remotely access your USB device that are connected to any computer in your house through your local network.

USB Over Network works in client server mode, in which case you will need to install the application on the PC that you will want to be sharing the information with, and the computers that will be receiving the information from the memory disks.

The truth is that it is very easy to do and very convenient, for example to share a hard drive or a printer in your home or in the office.

The USB Over Network software is free, and is able to install on multiple computers.


This application can be trial run for once PC if you would like.

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